Executive Management Team
Matt Celebuski, CEO

Matt has had a long career of invention and innovation in financial products and trading across geographies and asset classes.  The principals at Trade Informatics represent the top individuals Matt has worked with over the last 20 years in terms of integrity, honesty, intelligence, and delivery of complex analytics and trading systems. Prior to joining Trade Informatics, Matt was Senior Managing Director and Product Manager for Equity Analytics and Systematic Trading (EAST) at Bear Stearns. Earlier, he held numerous senior positions, including Managing Director at JP Morgan, Director at Merrill Lynch, Global Head of Equity Derivatives at Deutsche Bank AG, and Head of Structured Products and OTC Options at PaineWebber. Matt began his career in financial services in 1986 as an options and futures research analyst at Kidder Peabody & Co. He is a former board member at both the Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM) and for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). Matt was also an editor for the Journal of Alternative Investments and the Journal of Private Equity. Matt holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

Eric Moore, President

In addition to being President of Trade Informatics, Eric oversees our execution consulting solutions which encompass our client execution as well as client-centric idea generation and market structure consulting. Prior to joining the firm, Eric was responsible for stock trading at PEAK6 Capital while overseeing agency NYSE floor-based firm, MND Partners. Earlier he had held numerous senior trading positions at bulge bracket firms, including Head of US Program Trading at JP Morgan, Head of Proprietary Program Trading at Merrill Lynch, and Head of US Equity Derivative trading at Merrill Lynch. Eric started his career at O’Connor & Associates as a floor-based option trader in Chicago. He earned a BS in Finance with honors from the Indiana University School of Business, and owns a number of non-security related businesses in the Midwest.

Jerome Downey, Chief Information Officer

Jerome oversees all IT operations, development and research. His 30 years of experience in the Capital Markets technology  space covers the range from managing startup firms specializing in high speed low latency trading in equities and fixed income derivatives to running Global Equity technology at Bear Stearns and Global Cash Equities at JPM. Recently, Jerome has been a founding partner of technology startup 3Forge and  the CTO  of SmartFinance , a digital retail banking platform bringing AI and NLP to the consumer banking experience.

Senior Management Team

Aaron Schweiger, Head of Quantitative Research

Aaron is the Head of Quantitative Research at Trade Informatics.  Previously, Aaron worked in Credit Market Making and Equity Best Execution at Citadel Securities.  Prior to that, Aaron was a researcher at Investment Technology Group specializing in pre-trade and real-time dynamic transaction cost modeling.  Aaron received his Ph.D. in Statistical Physics from Boston University, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Physics from Brown University. 

Norm Hudson, Head of Trading Technology

As Head of Trading Technology at Trade Informatics, Norm drives the technology decisions across TI’s suite of trading products and ensures that development directly supports the firm’s corporate vision. With more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of financial technology solutions, he oversees a world-class team of technical and functional talent responsible for TI’s trading products. Norm is responsible for implementing TI’s enterprise technology trading platform which underlies its product suite. He is also instrumental in the development and delivery of TI’s market and reference data management solution. Prior to joining TI, Norm worked for JP Morgan in a variety of senior technology roles, including Managing Director for Equity Analytics and Systematic Trading (EAST) group at Bear Stearns.  Prior to that he worked for the Foreign Exchange Group at Credit Suisse.  Norm earned his Bachelor of Software Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and his Masters of Science in Finance from Baruch College.

Tom Jardine, Head of Data Analytics

Tom is responsible for the team that processes client trade data.  Tom comes to TI from JP Morgan where he built and managed its Equity Business Intelligence initiative and managed the Central Risk Desk.  Prior to his founding the Equity Business Intelligence initiative Mr. Jardine ran the Cash, electronic, and program trading teams and was a member of the Equity Management Committee in Tokyo for JPMorgan Chase.  Tom held other trading positions in his career at Bear Stearns, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Deutsche Bank, Lehman and Merrill Lynch.  Tom received his undergraduate degree from Brown University, an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Business Analytics from NYU Stern.  He is also an adjunct professor of Data Analytics at Columbia University.

Sales Management Team

Thomas Kane, Head of Sales & Business Development

Prior to joining Trade Informatics, Tom was a Partner and Sales Trader at a New York Stock Exchange based MND Partners, with responsibilities including firm strategy, personnel management, and primary client coverage. Before this, Tom was a Managing Director of the Electronic Client Solutions Desk at JPMorgan, where he was responsible for the marketing and ongoing consultation related to their entire suite of electronic trading products including all single stock and portfolio algorithms, web-based transaction cost analysis tools, and soft dollar/CSA programs. Prior to JPMorgan, Tom was a Managing Director of Institutional Equity Portfolio Trading at Merrill Lynch, where he  managed the U.S. sales team responsible for marketing all of Merrill Lynch’s portfolio trading products including agency and risk trading, quantitative and index research, exchange traded funds, transition management, transaction cost analysis, and real time portfolio analysis software. Tom began his career as an institutional equity sales trader on the block trading desk at Merrill Lynch. He has a BA in Economics from Bucknell University and has series 7, 9, 10, 24, 55, and 63 registrations.

John Carillo, Co-Head of Business Development

Prior to joining Trade Informatics, John was a senior salesman at FlexTrade, where he marketed  the full suite of multi-asset order and execution management capabilities.  Before FlexTrade, John managed the US Portfolio Trading desk at ITG, where he was responsible for overseeing the trading of institutional client portfolio orders, as well as assisting clients with self-directed portfolio trading activities using ITG’s EMS and list-based trading algorithms.  John also worked very closely with the product manager of portfolio trading algorithms to create analytical tools designed to improve trading performance.  Additionally, he helped lead the effort at ITG to become an Authorized Participant to create/redeem ETFs, as well as develop analytics and algorithmic trading strategies for these instruments.  Prior to ITG, John was a senior sales trader on the global delta-one and equity derivative desks at Bear Stearns, JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch, managing client order flow across global equity portfolio, ETF, futures and equity derivative transactions.  John began his career as a trader in the portfolio trading and index arbitrage group on the equity derivative desk at PaineWebber.  John has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS from Cornell University and has Series 3, 4, 7, 24, 55 and 63 registrations.

Board of Directors

Matt Celebuski

Matthew Celebuski is the current CEO of Trade Informatics LLC, as well as the founder of the division within SJ Levinson & Sons that would eventually acquire the SJLS entity. He is the original architect of Trade Informatics primary offering, and a key driver of the business roadmap and vision. Prior to starting the group that would eventually become Trade Informatics, Mr. Celebuski was Senior Managing Director and Product Manager for the Bear Stearns Equity Analytics and Systematic Trading (EAST) division. This division produced and managed state-of-the-art algorithms, advanced electronic trading engines and execution-based research that paved the way for Bear Sterns to expand its footprint in the global equity trading industry. Prior to Bear Sterns, Mr. Celebuski held numerous senior positions in the securities industry, including Head of Portfolio Trading at JP Morgan Securities, Head of Statistical Arbitrage Trading at Merrill Lynch, Global Head of Equity Derivatives at Deutsche Bank AG, and Head of Structured Products and OTC Options at PaineWebber. He began his career in 1986 as an options and futures research analyst at Kidder Peabody & Co. Mr. Celebuski is a former board member of the Center for International Securities and Derivative Markets (CISDM), a former board member of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA), and has been an editor for the Journal of Alternative Investments, as well as the Journal of Private Equity. Mr. Celebuski received a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

Pete Cherasia, Chairman

Peter Cherasia is the former Head of Markets Strategies for J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank. His responsibilities included managing Markets Technology, Quantitative Research, the Advanced Strategies Group and Strategic Investments. He was a member of the Investment Bank’s 14 person Operating Committee. Previously from 2008 to 2010, Mr. Cherasia was head of Global Technology, Operations and Real Estate for the J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, responsible for technology and operations strategy and execution, as well as the firm’s global location strategy. Managing more than half of the Investment Bank’s staff through the height of the financial crisis, Pete executed on the merger integration with Bear Stearns, and launched a front-to-back re-engineering of the bank’s derivative and processing platforms. Mr. Cherasia joined J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank from Bear Stearns & Co where he was a member of the Management and Compensation Committee and held multiple senior business management, technology, and operations leadership positions over 23 years. He was the firm’s Chief Information Officer, Global Head of Operations, Director of e-Commerce, Co-Head of the Equity Analytics and Systematic Trading Group and Head of the Financial Analytics and Structured Transactions Group. As CIO/Director of e-Commerce, Mr. Cherasia was responsible for all aspects of global information and trading technology at Bear Stearns as well as all the direct electronic initiatives of the firm such as investments in online businesses and technologies. He was also a member of the Equities Management Committee and the co-head of the Equity Analytics and Systematic Trading Group (‘E.A.S.T’) which produced state-of-the-art algorithms, advanced electronic trading engines and execution-based research. The group was comprised of a unique combination of quantitative researchers, technologists and traders all focused on providing an execution platform that allowed clients and trading desks to implement complex trading strategies, minimize transaction costs and access multiple pools of liquidity while leaving a “zero foot print”. Prior to serving as Global CIO, Mr. Cherasia headed Bear Stearns’ Financial Analytics and Structured Transactions Group (‘F.A.S.T.’) from 1990 – 1999. This group was responsible for the domestic and international creation/structuring of all derivative cash fixed income products, which included Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (‘CMOs’), Derivative Instruments, Asset-Backed Securities, etc. F.A.S.T. was also responsible for the engineering of new products and all facets of research and analysis related to fixed income instruments. Mr. Cherasia served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Bear Stearns Companies as well as the firm’s main subsidiary Bear, Stearns & Co Inc. He was a member of the President’s Advisory Council and Chairman of the firm’s Technology Committee, Chairman of the Board of Bear Stearns Investment Advisors, and President of Bear Stearns Financial Technologies Ltd, Bear Stearns Spanish Securitization Corp., and Bear Stearns Philippines. In addition, he served as Treasurer for Bear Stearns State Asia and was a member of the board for Bear Stearns Tokyo. Prior to joining Bear Stearns in 1985, Mr. Cherasia was a senior software specialist for Digital Equipment Corporation concentrating on the development of financial analytics and trading systems technology. Earlier he was an engineer with Quotron Systems Inc. Mr. Cherasia holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University where he is Vice Chairman of the University’s Board of Overseers, Chairman of the Executive Board of the School of Engineering and Co-Chair of Rutgers University’s Campaign Committee. He is also a board member of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research Advisory Committee.

Scott Soltas

Scott Soltas is the former Global Head of Real Estate Trading and Structured Products at Merrill Lynch. In this position, he was responsible for residential and commercial real estate capital commitment, structured products, mortgage origination, servicing, sales and trading in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Mr. Soltas began his career in mortgage research and deal structuring. Over the next 21 years, he served in various mortgage and real estate-related roles at Merrill Lynch, including the position of trader and trading manager. He retired in 2008. Mr. Soltas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, and a Masters in Management from the Sloan School of Business at MIT, with concentrations in Finance and Corporate Strategy.