Strat Developer


Job Title: Strat Developer

Job Duties: Perform development of the firm’s next-generation AWS cloud-hosted security reference data service. Provide technical solutions in upgrading the throughput and efficiency of the firm’s trading analytics engine performing mathematical modeling of financial data, enhanced exploitation of multiple CPU cores, elimination of bottlenecks, and leveraging AWS. Quantitatively address issues raised by analysts and business managers and where software changes are necessitated. Provide implementation that follows best practices including extending unit and regression test coverage, as well as deploy those changes within the production environment during active production without disrupting users. Author software using Perl, Rust and PostgreSQL to retrieve, archive and internally publish both low frequency aggregate data and high frequency tick (trade and quote) data from the firm's financial data vendors. Author robust and efficient solutions to Trade Informatics data needs, specifically using Refinitiv’s Rest APIs and Bloomberg’s proprietary APIs to retrieve financial data. Support the development of a reporting platform built in Nodejs, MongoDB and React. Robustify and accelerate the delivery of trading analytics for Trade Informatics TAP Product. Work on machine learning algorithms for identifying possible execution strategy for a trade in multiple markets. Author ad-hoc reports characterizing client-specific and in-house metrics pertaining to trading software performance. Build test suites to automatically enable reliable software handoff to those without specialized knowledge. Monitor, report and triage Trade Informatics’ daily production run, from data retrieval to post-trade augmentation of customer order flow data. Follow modern development practices, e.g., Agile and Devops. Triage legacy code base (Bash and Perl) on the production server, as needed.

Salary: $100,000/year

Employer: Trade Informatics Inc

Location: 850 3rd Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Apply to: Trade Informatics Inc, 850 3rd Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022

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850 3rd Avenue, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10022

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